New in Audio: Wretchedness

My novel WRETCHEDNESS is available in audio format! Wretchedness was my first full-length horror novel; it’s a story that’s near and dear to my heart, and the audio version ramps the terror up to 11. Narrator Jake Urry’s performance is not to be missed!

Once it takes hold, it never lets go…
Like an illness, fear spreads. Healthy minds are withered by paranoia. Can anything stop the contagion?
A peculiar tablet unearthed in a Middle Eastern ossuary provokes madness in those who encounter it. One by one, people come under the tablet’s sway and are subjected to horrific visions and dreams. In time, the tablet’s true purpose becomes clear: It is the harbinger of an eons-dead god whose reemergence will steep the world in terror and suffering. Having put the pieces together, two men race against the clock and attempt to disrupt the terrifying work of an ancient cult.

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